About the Montenegro flag

The Flag of Montenegro was officially adopted with the Law on the state symbols and the statehood day of Montenegro on 13 July 2004 at the proposal of the Government of Montenegro. It was constitutionally sanctioned with the proclamation of the Constitution on 22 October 2007. It is a red banner with broader golden edges all around the red field with the Coat of arms of Montenegro in its center.

The Law on the state symbols and the statehood day of Montenegro reached full effect the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro. The publication occurred 12 July 2004, and the legal power of the Law occurred the day after, on 13 July 2004 - the statehood day of Montenegro.

* For a transitional period of 60 days after the adoption of the current flag, the proportion of the golden eagle was 1/3 of the flags' size, instead of 2/3.
* The symbols were originally adopted in 2004 by the then ruling coalition (DPS-SDP) on an extraordinary session of the parliament on the proposal of the Government of Montenegro, without the presence of the opposition.
* It was criticized by the opposition for being non-vexilologic, originating only partially from the old military flags of Montenegro. The ruling coalition adopted it during the campaign for an independent Montenegro, which was then a part of a state union with Serbia, having a tricolor similar to the Serbian one for its flag.