The flag of Tulsa consists of an upper blue half and a lower beige half, separated by a gold horizontal line, with gold, art-deco stylized Osage shield punctuating the left third, containing a red circle, and a beige six-point star centered within the circle.

In 2017, a group of private citizens organized an effort to design a new flag for the city of Tulsa. The effort, called the Tulsa Flag Project, received nearly 400 designs, of which three were chosen as finalists. Of the more than 8,000 votes cast by citizens on these finalists, 51% were for the winning design.

The winning design was released under a Creative Commons zero license, encouraging local creators to make their own interpretations of the flag.[6] Local citizens and businesses have widely embraced the design, and it is flown throughout Tulsa. The city council officially approved the design on October 3, 2018.