New Zealand referendum - Silver Fern flag

Kyle Lockwood's black and blue Silver Fern flag is a proposed flag for New Zealand. It was designed using different colours in 2003. Based on preliminary results of the first New Zealand flag referendum in December 2015, it will be used in the second flag referendum in a binding contest against the New Zealand flag.

The design of the flag combines the silver fern flag (toward the hoist) with the stars of the current national flag. The silver fern is a popular symbol of the people of New Zealand, while the stellar constellation known as the southern cross is meant to represent the antipodean location of the country in the Southern Hemisphere. Black and red are both national colours of New Zealand traditionally associated with the Māori people, while blue is dominant in the current national flag, and symbolises the South Pacific Ocean.


The original design used red in the upper left corner, and a darker shade of blue for the main part of the flag. The blue represented the ocean, the red represented Māori and also sacrifices during wartime, and the white of the fern is a reference to the "Land of the Long White Cloud" (translated from the Māori "Aotearoa"). This design was published by Lockwood in 2003, and won a competition in July 2004 run by The Hutt News. The flag appeared on Campbell Live in 2005 and won an online poll that included the present national flag.

Lockwood has produced the flag in several of colour combinations and designs, including fewer fern fronds. Some New Zealanders believe that the current New Zealand flag is a reminder of British colonialism and does not truly represent their culture, however those who support the current flag say that it represents the history of the country as a part of the British Empire and location in the Southern Hemisphere.

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