About the flag of La Rioja

The flag of La Rioja is one of the symbols of the autonomous community of La Rioja. It was sanctioned for use by the former governing body of the provincial council for what was then known as the Province of Logroño in 1979 and it appears in the Statute of Autonomy of La Rioja of 1982, which specifies that the flag consist of four horizontal bands of equal size, with the colors of red, white, green, and yellow.

In addition, and similar to the Flag of Spain, a coat of arms can be featured in the center of the flag, specifically the coat of arms of La Rioja, and it's use is mandatory for official bodies and entities. It is considered, along with the coat of arms of La Rioja and La Rioja’s anthem, one of the “symbols of Riojan identity.”

The meaning of the flag’s colors is variously interpreted depending on the source, but the interpretation given in the official act of approval of the flag was:

Red: vineyards
White: light
Green: orchard
Yellow: fertility