About the flag of Castile and León

The flag of Castile and León is the official flag of the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and León. It consists of the quartered coats of arms of Castile, represented by a castle, and León, represented by a lion.

This flag is used to represent the two cultural identities who share this administrative region, the Castle for Castile, and the Lion for León.

The lion design is attributed to Alfonso VII of León, who became king of León and Castile in 1126. The castle symbol is attributed to his grandson Alfonso VIII of Castile, In 1230, Ferdinand III of Castile united the two kingdoms in the Crown of Castile (1230-1715) and quartered the arms as a symbol of the union.

The Spanish presence in the American continent for about three centuries has left a mark consistently. In many United States states are preserved symbols that had Spanish ancestors who settled in those lands. In fact, several states incorporate the signs of the Crown of Castile on their shields or flags (like Texas, Alabama, Puerto Rico...)

This flag is available in an official size option

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