About the Canadian Royal Standard flag

The Royal Standard, also called The Queen's Personal Canadian Flag, is a heraldic banner that was adopted and proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II in 1962 and is used by her in her capacity as Queen of Canada. With its introduction, red and white became entrenched as the national colours of Canada and it was added to the Canadian Heraldic Authority's Public Register of Arms, Flags, and Badges on 15 March 2005. Different standards are used by Elizabeth in some of the other Commonwealth realms and she holds another banner for use as Head of the Commonwealth.

The flag, in a 1:2 proportion, consists of the escutcheon of the Royal Arms of Canada in banner form and defaced with the distinct device of Queen Elizabeth II used on her Head of the Commonwealth flag: a blue disk with the initial E crowned, all within a wreath of roses, all gold-coloured. The standard is protected under the Trade-marks Act; section 9(a) states: "No person shall adopt in connection with a business, as a trade-mark or otherwise, any mark consisting of, or so nearly resembling as to be likely to be mistaken for... the Royal Arms, Crest or Standard."

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