About the flag of Sardinia

The Flag of the four Moors, or simply the four moors (I quattro mori in Italian, Is cuatru morus in Campidanese Sardinian, sos battor moros in Logudorese Sardinian) is the official flag of the autonomous region of Sardinia, Italy, and the historical flag and coat of arms of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Described as a "white field with a red cross and a bandaged Moor's head facing away from the luff [to the right] in each quarter" (Regional Law 15 April 1999, n. 10, Article 1.)

The flag is of medieval origin, and is composed of the St. George Cross and four heads of blindfolded Blackamoors (or Maures) which in the past were turned towards the left. The Moors represents four heads of beheaded saracens, and symbolise the victory of the Sardinian people against the Moors who attempted to invade the island. It is historically linked to the flag of Aragon in Spain and that of the neighbouring island of Corsica.

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